WEbasto Diesel heater

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We have researched all the different makes of heaters and, in our opinion, Webasto heaters are superior in the following ways:

  • Webasto offers super quiet operation and reliability.
  • Webasto heaters are backed up by an Australian-wide network of dealers and service agents.
  • Webasto heaters are made in Germany.
  • Some insurance companies won’t cover you if you have a heater made in China installed in your RV. Please check with your insurance company before committing to a diesel heater.

No. We only install genuine Webasto diesel heaters which we source directly from Webasto.

Yes. Webasto offers Australia-wide servicing through its network of service providers.

  • Diesel costs half as much as gas per litre
  • One litre of diesel provides twice as much heat compared to one litre of gas
  • Diesel is approximately 4x most cost-effective than gas
  • If you run out of gas you lose everything – fridge, cooker, and heat.

Diesel heaters run from the diesel in your fuel tank. Or, if you have one installed, the tank in your caravan.

No. We install diesel heaters so that they can not run your diesel tank dry.

We usually offer a same-day service for diesel heater installation.

We offer competitive pricing for Webasto diesel heater supply and installation. Please call us for a quote.

Yes. Larger Webasto heaters are available for vehicles over 23 feet. Contact us for more information.

Yes. We’re glad you asked. We also operate Tas Mobile Caravan Service, and RAM Modds Australia. All of our businesses are an extension of our love for caravanning and camping.

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